My thoughts on the Narnia movies

Doesn’t the image just send chills down your spine?

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

I’m a huge fan of CS Lewis and a bigger fan of the Chronicles of Narnia series. I’ve read them in recent memory at least half a dozen times and as a child…more than that.

So with the release of Disney’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” several years ago, I was first in line the day it hit theaters. In a world of constant negativity and bleak outlooks, the story is one of hope and faith.

With “Prince Caspian” and “Dawn Treader” I was equally as excited. I felt Prince Caspian especially kept to the novel quite well and save for a small moment to the end, held to Lewis’ vision.

“Dawn Treader,” the newest release, was quite different from the book, but in a way that really worked for the story. It maintained the messages I believe Lewis was trying to convey and felt like the traditional Disney epic. This explored deeper into the returning characters and introduced the boy with the unfortunate name of Eustace Scrubb. Every moment was pure enjoyment and the world of Narnia created by Disney artists remain the one fictional place I’d most love to visit. Forget Hawaii.

I encourage you to see it! Also, I’d highly recommend reading the books as well as a supplement. There are a few questions the movie doesn’t answer that you see in the books and there are few additions to the plot in the movie. In this case, I think it is one where the movie isn’t necessarily better than the book – I think they are perfect compliments to each other.

Happy sailing!

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