My “Word” for 2012

Hard to believe another year has come and gone. This year will mark the third year of this blog and my “serious” writing career. This year marks my fourth year of marriage and fourth year in my lovely house.

I know many people who spend time meditating and considering what “word” best defines their focus in the coming year. Sometime that word comes in a moment of clarity, sometimes it comes in a quiet moment.

For me, my word for 2012 has been brewing for some time.


2011 was a year of discovery. I learned more about myself, my family, my passions and my goals in life. In order to turn what I discovered in 2011 to become reality in 2012, I’m going to need more focus and discipline than ever.

In my writing.

In working out.

In managing my time.

In what I volunteer for.

2012 will be a year I push myself to stick to my resolutions, routines and priorities.

What is your “word” or main goal for 2012?

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  • My theme for the year is similar: I aim to be diligent in love. Time with the Lord, my husband, my daughter show love, but that time must be spent face-to-face without distraction; if writing is a ministry (which I aim for), then writing time must be used well and not squandered; and I can’t show the love of Christ to others if I’m busy staring at my belly button (or watching 30 Rock reruns, which is more likely…).

    Best wishes on your goals this year; I’m right there in the trenches with you! 😀


  • Thanks, Michelle! What a beautiful way to put it – diligence in love. It all comes together with time management, priorities and discipline.

    Hang in there and may you be blessed in 2012!


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