My “Word” for 2013

A year ago, my “word” was Discipline.

And in 2012, I believe I stepped up my level of self discipline, though there certainly were some ups and downs.

  • I learned it might take 30 days to start a new habit, but only one day to break it.
  • I learned all the discipline in the world won’t help if your priorities are misaligned.
  • I learned sometimes doing things for the sake of routine and not for a purpose is counter-productive.
  • I learned discipline is something you embrace or ignore, but it is something everyone has within them.

For 2013, I begin brooding on a word in December. I made a lot of progress in 2012, focusing on that one word that seemed to encompass what I needed most.

So this year, my focus is “Excellence.”

sunrise Portland Oregon

I want to do the best in all that I’ve taken on in this year. And since I’ve resolved not to volunteer for anything new, I should easily have the time to dedicate myself completely to the tasks before me.

  • Excellence in my relationships.
  • Excellence in my writing & blogging.
  • Excellence in my work & freelancing.
  • Excellence in my spiritual & physical health.

I’m looking forward to all this year has to bring.

Do you choose a “word” for the year? What is your word for 2013?

Much love,

the “has-been”  

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