NaNoWriMo so far…

writingSo far, National Novel Writing Month has been a dream come true. I am writing, not critically editing and spending time rearranging, fussing here and there. The goal is not perfect prose, but prose in quantity!

I feel fortunate that I had a story burning for the past few months and was able to use that for this month. While it is different from my typical suspense/intrigue historical novels, it is still gripping and a blast to write. The only road bumps I have come across is forcing myself to stop writing! Since I am limited to work lunch hours and my evenings, there is so little time for so much writing.

I suspect I will come across a bigger roadblock soon – my creative muse may run out, but I am hopeful. I am enjoying the vacation from editing my other novel. Of course, that just means December will be filled with editing, revising and rewriting! So be it. God has blessed me with the moments here and there to write and I am using them to the fullest!

Now – off I go to do another couple hundred words…Break time is almost over!

Oh, and my word count on 11/5/09 = 15,000 words! Well ahead of the game, but I’m leaving in a buffer in case I miss a day! 😉

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