Novel Research A.D.D.

I’m sure one day this will be an official diagnosis. Though I doubt there will be a true cure for this ailment.

I do know that I’m severely afflicted with this now.

I’m a history addict and horse nut, so researching horses and history is a daily venture. I routinely google certain horse breeds + “history” and love what I find. (If you want to follow my Pinterest account, you’ll see images from my searches.)

But lately, I haven’t had the mental capacity (or discipline) to stick with one topic, one time period, or even one breed.

Polish Arabian history is the focus of my latest full manuscript.

And what a fascinating history it is!

But then, a story nugget popped into my brain and I scurried down that rabbit trail… (which I have a habit of) and discovered a blog about horses in Hollywood (Reel Hoofbeats) and then I began thinking about equine actors of the early film world – from Trigger to Silver to Black Beauty.

Horses have enamored audiences on the silver screen up to present-day’s War Horse.

This led me to some new novel ideas… including a bit of a story influenced by this famous trick shooter.

A trip to Powell’s led me to discover more research material for the Arabian Hose in America and also¬†Unforgettable¬†Horse Stories. (Read: More novel fodder.)

It never ends.

Until I can devour as much information as my brain can hold, I remain the ADD-afflicted novelist/historian/equestrianne.


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  • You probably already know how addicted I am to research, Nicole. I keep running down those rabbit trails too, and developing more and more idea possibilities. The funny thing is, the more this happens, the more excited I get about writing the story!

    Reel Hoofbeats looks like a great blog. (Finally got to watch War Horse!)