Ode to my cowboy boots

Nicole M Miller cowboy bootsThank you for the years of shining service. For two whole years you took me through rodeos, parades, pageants and trails. Always supportive, always around. You might have required a spit shine or two, but you hung in there.

Now you are retired to the status of work boot and riding boot. You sag in a few places. You’re a bit worn in others. But the wrinkles and wear are a testament to the history you’ve endured. It has not been an easy road.

No more shall I try to patch you up with white paint and expect you to mingle with the younger, fresher pups. You can relax now and know you’re show days are done.

Never fear, you are far from permanent retirement, old friends. Enjoy your new backyard livelihood and forget about the spotlight and stage.

There is much work to be done. Stalls to clean, horses to ride, trails to explore. Onward into a new chapter, a new purpose.

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  • When you have a little girl, you can let her stomp gleefully around the house in her glamorous mother’s boots. She’ll love the fact that you still have them. Oh the history!

  • LOL! When she was little, my daughter used to wear my husband’s cowboy boots and my cowboy hat around the house.

    Can you have them bronzed?

  • Heidi Chiavaroli

    Beautiful, Nicole. Love the meaning behind this post, and having just turned thirty (and no longer a young pup myself), this really meant something to me. Thanks!

  • Staci

    Oh Nikki,

    I still remember the day I bought these boots for you! You have definatly gotten your moneys worth over the last several years. I have spent MANY hours with you while you proudly wore your boots and loved each and every minute!

  • Staci – I still remember the day at your house when we all came over and gathered all the loot. That was only the beginning of my love for those boots. I think my next pair will have to be the same brand. I’ll call them “wannabe” rodeo queen boots. They won’t ever be the real thing. 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Heidi.

  • Love it, Sandy! I’ll have to hold off on the Bronzing until my little (future) kids get some use out of em! 😉

  • I never even thought of that, Caitlin! Now I’ll thank you for ensuring this happens!

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