Of clear plastic and chance encounters

Looking back, it is easy to see the movers and shakers in your life. Those people who have affected you for the better {or for the worse.}

Sometimes, you can even see how if you had diverged from your path in even the slightest way, you might have missed out on all of it.

In 2009, I attended my first summer writing conference, and history was made. Alliances formed. Connections established.

Diamonds polished.

nicole m miller diamond girls

Though I was terrified and feeling way out of my league, I ran into a spunky blonde woman seated near the bookstore and asked if I could join her. Connection #1.

Later, that woman’s roommate would enter the picture – a darling brunette with infectious laughter. Connection #2.

The three of us instantly bonded despite a vast spread of interstest. I wrote historical fiction, the blonde wrote contemporary fiction, the brunette wrote fantasy. An unlikely trio, if there ever was one.

But conferences are an unparalleled experience. You are surrounded by people who understand the talking voices in your head and understand your ridiculous monthly budget for new books.

And then a moment came where a woman at the dinner table pulled the three of us aside and handed us small plastic diamonds. God put it upon her heart, she said.

We were diamonds in His eyes. Diamonds.

And thus, the Diamond Girls were born.

The three of us have covered all the corners of the world and come back again. Jessica {the brunette fantasy writer} has gone to China and come back to settle in Southern Oregon. Caitlin {the blonde contemporary fiction writer—now social media expert} has settled in Texas doing what she loves. I’ve remained here as always, but my career and my writing are worlds apart from where it was nearly three years ago when I met the diamond girls.

We’ve supported each other.

We’ve laughed together.

We’ve cried together.

We’ve plotted novels together.

We’ve proven that writers conferences are about far more than getting published. They are about the relationships you build and the people you invest in.

Note – If you live in Oregon and you fancy yourself a writer – check out the Oregon Christian Writers – it is an organization worth every penny of your membership and every minute spent at a conference. This Saturday, they have amazing author Lauraine Snelling speaking at their Salem One-Day Conference. If you can, come! 

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