Our most precious resource

Me as Miss Teen Rodeo Washington in 2005

In my rodeo queen days, I competed for the title of Miss Teen Rodeo Washington. This was the most intense pageant I’d entered and I have to confess I certainly couldn’t resist comparing it to the movie “Miss Congeniality.” There were many similarities. But all the girls tended to joke about it and yet we all took it very seriously. For us, the chance to represent rodeo and ride our horses as our talent was worth it.

However, I’d constantly joked about talking about “world peace” when it came to the on-stage, impromptu questions. In Miss Congeniality, that’s what all the contestants answer when “Stan Fields” asks them “What is the one most important thing our society needs?”

Stage time comes. All the judges are watching. Spectators and friends are rooting for me in the crowd. What question do I draw?

“What is the one thing you would wish for?”

Say it: world peace. Say it!

I smiled. I chuckled. I turned and looked at the row of sparkling contestants behind me. I could NOT resist.

So I stopped fighting it.

“I think the correct answer would be world peace.” (laughter as a response – but oh wait, I wasn’t done.) “But in all seriousness, I’d have to wish for more time.” (laughter dies and eyes get a bit teary) “In preparing for this pageant, I have spent a lot of time getting ready and studying, and not a lot of time with my family and friends. I wish I could go back and spend more time with them each day. That is what it is all about.”

When I stepped back into the line of contestants, I realized exactly what I had said – 1. I’d mocked pageants (as politely as I could). 2. I’d given a pretty darn good answer. 3. I’d spoken a truth I didn’t realize I had been feeling.

Time. Time is our most precious resource.

Lately, I’ve been challenged to identify what it is that God wants from me and where He wants my career to go. During a quiet time the other day, it came to me. Time. The one thing I value most is all he wants from me – time and intimacy with Him.

How has God called to you?

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