Pavement & Ponderings

This past weekend was jam-packed. And action-packed.

A 5K walk (OK I jogged a little too). A 10-mile bike ride. Hauling 60 bales of hay from the field. One hour stripping a large stall bare. Cleaning a barn.

Ever notice how deep and refreshing sleep is when you’ve exhausted your body beyond belief?

This morning (after a bit of caffeine), I’m contemplating how blessed I am. Blessed to be able to move and do the activities I love. We take for granted such simple things – a sunny day, a job, our family…our mobility, even.

This past weekend, aside from the exercise, gave me a mental boost and on a ten-mile bike ride you have extra time for plotting.

So there are my thoughts on this Monday morning… (coupled with the daunting tasks of the week ahead!)

What do you do to clear your mind and stretch your limits?

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  • Heidi Chiavaroli

    Love to run and bike…also love a good walk in the woods. 🙂
    Thanks for the post, Nicole. Reminds me of how grateful I am, too.