Pulling words and thoughts out of the air

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Ever have those days where you just aren’t sure where your words and thoughts are even coming from?

I’ve been struggling a bit with coming up with blog topics for this week, yet I’ve been sending others handfuls of ideas for them to write in other areas. Why is my well of creativity overflowing in some areas and not others?

So, I decided the one thing to do when you don’t know what to blog about…is blogging about not knowing what to blog about.

Make sense?

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to pull an idea out of nothing and putting that idea on paper. As a freelancer, I had no problem going after a story I was assigned. When it came to coming up with my own story idea, I faltered.

But then, ideas are everywhere. Headlines in the news. A conversation you overhear. An intriguing image. A scene you dreamt last night. A spin-off from another blog you read…

Endless possibilities. So why can’t you grasp onto just one and run with it?

I wouldn’t call it writer’s block or even a creativity block. Perhaps it is just that there is too much. Too much dammed up and waiting to overflow. That could leave you paralyzed with indecision above anything else.

So how do you overcome this?

  1. Just start writing. Open a notebook, a word document, a blank blog post. Write whatever comes into that little brain of yours.
  2. Absorb more inspiration. If you expose yourself to even more blogs, articles, topics that fill you will even more ideas, you’re bound to overflow and end up with something on the page. (Hypothetically.)
  3. Give in and move onto something else. But come back to it later and work through it. Sometimes you just can’t force it.

My other freebie – have a friend you can rant to and let that spill over and inspire you to get back to that typing. Skype is invaluable for said rants.

Onward, my friends. Hang in there.

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  • Great suggestions, Nicole. I deal with this same problem at times.

  • Heidi Chiavaroli

    When I run out of ideas, I get outside and exercise. The fresh air usually reminds me that there’s more important things than my words on paper–and usually I get an idea or two!

    Thanks for the post, Nicole!

  • That is a great suggestion, too, Heidi! It is amazing what a little blood circulation can do! 😉