Quitter – and what it meant to me

Originally posted 5/20/11.

I could probably blog about Jon Acuff’s book “Quitter: Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job” for a solid month.

The basis of the book “Quitter” is finding a way to reach your day job, without sacrificing financial security or blindly diving into something that will leave you and your family ruined. Jon Acuff has the experience – he went through eight jobs in eight years and is now able to merge his dreams and day job.

Don’t Quit…not yet

The very first chapter is “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” This jolted me a bit, as I was expecting the book “Quitter” to be on a slightly different path… but Acuff is right on so many levels.

One of his main points is to use your day job to practice your dream.

Practice your dream.

Such an interesting concept. The financial security you have will lead to more creative freedom and opportunities to make mistakes in your dream. You can write the stories you want, not the stories you need to put food on the table.

So this is me, practicing my dream. This blog, my Tweets, my Facebook posts… they’re all me experimenting, working and attempting to reach to other authors and readers. Sometimes my blog barely gets 10 hits a week. Sometimes I get 100. It doesn’t matter right now, because I don’t have to make money off my blog or books in order to get by.

This time, this phase of my life, is just the beginning and I’m going to use every moment I can to practice and condition myself and my habits for the day I do reach my dream job.

And if I get to that “dream job” status and am able to quit my day job, I’ll certainly let you know. For now, I’m thankful for everything I have.

Oh, and buy Quitter and read it. No matter where you are in your career, I guarantee you’ll find something inspiring from this book.


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