Reflections on the 4th

I had the privilege of going to four rodeos, a parade and a pageant fashion show over the past weekend and my head is still a-spinnin’. But it was a wonderful time and brings about a time of reflection for me.

The Fourth of July symbolizes the birth of our nation, but also a big weekend for cowboys around the country.

Cowboy Christmas – the 4th of July weekend – is a where most of the men and women of rodeo make their earnings. They hit several rodeos over the course of the weekend and rack up all the points and dough they can.

In our area, the grand Pacific Northwest, there was the Vancouver Rodeo, St. Paul Rodeo, Molalla Rodeo and more. There’s nothing more patriotic to me than Old Glory flying around the arena to the national anthem followed by the pop of fireworks in air.

If you’ve never been to a rodeo for the 4th of July weekend, make it a priority for next year. It is America at its finest and a display of the sport that originated in the 1800s as Americans tamed the west. See how that tradition lives on.

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