Reinvention and Originality

“We may only have a smidgen of God’s creativity, but what are you doing with that smidgen?” – Clint Kelly at the OCW One-Day Conference, Saturday, October 15th, 2011.

Clint Kelly (who has to be one of the most entertaining speakers I’ve seen to date) spoke several simple messages throughout his keynote and two workshops on Saturday. Create – do what God has called you to do and be creative.

I’m now realizing the true difference between those who simply create without attempting to be original, and those truly out-of-the-box creative ones. So where do I fit in? Have I continually pushed myself to be original and provide a unique story in my writing? I like to think so, but it is a good reminder that if we get tired, lazy, we fail. As writers and humans we have the desire to create and to best serve and entertain our audience, we must give them our best all the time.

Study those stories that stand out (look at the 30 top-grossing movies of all time: Avatar, Titanic, The Passion of the Christ…Jurassic Park, etc.) Study those writers who impact readers and dissect what they do differently. How can you mirror that and push beyond that?

Question for you: How do you push yourself and check your own work to know it is original and unique enough?

“There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no pessimism in writing.” Clint Kelly

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