Review: A Suitor for Jenny


When looking for a husband, it’s best to go where the odds are in your favor.

And that would be Rocky Creek, Texas, 1880. But Jenny Higgins’s plan to find husbands for her two sisters hits a snag when enthusiastic applicants fail to meet her stringent requirements.

Rejecting her sisters’ choices for mates and riding herd on her growing feelings for Marshal Rhett Armstrong, she refuses to give up.

Jenny thinks choosing a husband is not a job for the heart. It’ll take one strong and handsome marshal to convince her otherwise.

My Review:

I’ve never been so delightfully surprised by a novel as I was with A Suitor for Jenny. The little twists and turns had me off guard and smiling in delight.

The second book in Margaret Brownley’s Rocky Creek Series, this has a host of memorable characters and completely unforgetable references to the 1875 “Compleat and Authoritative Manual for Attracting and Procuring a Husband” by Miss Abigail Jenkins.

“Charm and composure must prevail at all times. If a gunfight erupts, exit the scene with grace and serenity.” (Miss Jenkins, 1875) Words to live by, right? This book was full of laughs but also heart-wrenching moments. I loved the flaws of Jenny’s sisters and how they found men who perfectly complimented them. It is a true tale of happy endings.

I havent yet read “A Lady Like Sarah,” the first book in Brownley’s series, but certainly plan to now. I loved the ease of the author’s writing and finished the book without stopping. Definitely a perfect read for anyone looking for an escape to much…simpler times. (Simpler, unless you follow all of Miss Jenkins’ rules, mind you!)

*Note – I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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