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Lt. Raymond Novak prefers the pulpit to the cockpit, but at least his stateside job training B-17 pilots allows him the luxury of a personal life. As he courts Helen Carlisle, a young war widow and mother who conceals her pain under a frenzy of volunteer work, the sparks of their romance set a fire that flings them both into peril.

After Ray leaves to fly a combat mission at the peak of the air war over Europe, Helen takes a job in a dangerous munitions yard and confronts an even graver menace in her own home. Will they find the courage to face their challenges? And can their young love survive until blue skies return?

My Review:

Oh, where do I begin? First off, in full disclosure, Sarah Sundin completely won me over with both A Distant Melody and A Memory Between Us. Really, I’m positive she can do no wrong.

That said, this book catapulted her to a new level of awe and respect, in my opinion.

The stories of Helen and Ray are not what you’d expect in a historical romance. Sundin pushes the borders and confronts real, hard-hitting issues that we tend to forget. Issues like domestic violence, racism and true heroism.

At times, Helen’s story was hard for me to read. It felt so real, and I cared so much for the character that it tore at my heart. This only further attests to Sundin’s brilliant writing.

As with her other two novels, the book reads effortlessly and is full of period details that will lift you out of your home and plunk you down in 1944 Antioch, California. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed visiting.) You’ll even feel the chill and thrill of flying those infamous B17s with the Novak boys.

Sundin had me guessing up until the very last page and it was wonderful to see the characters of the first two books back in action, with all their unforgettable quirks.

The entire Wings of Glory series will surprise, delight and draw you in like none other. You’ll laugh, cry and beg for more. At least, I’m here and now publicly pleading you, Sarah, to write your next series, fast! 😉 Please.

Check out my review of A Distant Melody, A Memory Between Us and my interview with the amazing Sarah Sundin! Her “Story Behind the Story” shares what inspired A Memory Between Us.


The legally required statement…I was provided a copy of this book in the hopes that I’d read it and perhaps write a review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book. As I said – I was already biased to start.

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  • Nicole – how totally sweet of you! This is the very first review of Blue Skies Tomorrow 🙂 I’m thrilled (and relieved) that you liked it.

  • Wonderful review, Nicole! I agree with what you said, “Really, I’m positive she can do no wrong.” She’s an amazing, brilliant author. : )

    Can’t wait to get my copy from Revell!

  • You’ve convinced me! Sounds like a terrific book. Congratulations, Sarah. Great review, too, Nicole.

  • Sarah – I LOVED it! 🙂

    Michelle – thank you! I’m sure even we are not the only ones who think the same thing. 😉 You’ll enjoy it! And your blog is beautiful! I’ve put that on my list of ones to frequent!

  • Now, that’s an excellent review. I seldom read books in that genre, but Nivole makes me want to try this one.

  • Janet – Sarah’s books are a genre all their own. And just plain good writing! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • Heidi Chiavaroli

    I was already excited to read this third book. After reading your review, I’m very excited for August 1st to get here soon. 🙂

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