Review: Jungle Warfare

Book Description

Jungle Warfare provides a field manual for the Christian in sales: a guide for certain victory in uncertain times.

Could a WWII Basic Field Manual on Jungle Warfare have any words of wisdom for sales and business professionals today? Yes – and it may even provide more. Christopher A. Cunningham has taken a prized family gift: his grandfather’s Jungle Warfare manual, and adapted its rules of engagement to fit the basic needs of the Christian sales person who is on the front lines of business every day.

The parallels are obvious: Stay fit. Keep your wits about you. Know your enemy. Serve your leader well. In today’s unsure business climate, those who find a way to keep their faith intact while pushing through the difficulties of market downturns are the ones who will be rewarded. This book is about fighting the good fight and finding inspiration even while crawling through enemy territory.

My Review

This book appealed to me for a variety of reasons. One – I’m a sucker for anything WWII-related. Two – I’m a bigger sucker for smart twists on other texts/concepts (another example: James Scott Bell’s brilliant “The Art of War for Writers”).

Christopher Cunningham’s “Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales” is also a well done book for encouragement and a laugh here and there. He compares worry in our everyday life to the Wild Hogs and Leeches! that the 1941 manual warned of. He also makes very solid comparisons between the manual’s instructions and current day business – “If possible, travel with one or more companions.” You always need a support system and with God, you’re never alone.

This book explores all aspects of faith and sales – competition, moving forward, friends and more. Cunningham has compiled a breadth of verses that encourage and inspire.

While I’m not in a sales position, but rather a marketing/communications job, I still found much of this applicable to my life and my career. It is a quick read and a devotional-style format and I recommend this for anyone looking for a little encouragement in the workplace.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson through their Booksneeze program.

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