Running your dream with a partner

For 2012, I’ve planned on training running a couple 5K races. For no other reason than to motivate myself to exercise more regularly. During the summer, I commuted home on my bicycle, which kept me in good shape and in a good frame of mind. (“Discipline begets discipline.” – Jon Acuff, Quitter)

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Part of my “training” has been recruiting people in far better shape than I to use as extra motivation. I’ve asked them to run the 5Ks with me or help me train. Sure, I’m happy to go running with you – even though you’ve played soccer and ran your whole life… (insert my painful whimper.)

But a lovely thing has happened. Even though we’re four weeks into 2012 and my training has been less frequent but still consistent, I’ve risen beyond my own expectations. Having people who hold you accountable, who run alongside you, matter.

This past weekend, I did my first real “trail run” with friend and personal trainer, Julie. (I use the word “run” lightly…It’s more of a jog/walk/limp combination.) Julie is spectacular as an encourager and she both went at my pace but pushed me. She offered helpful stretches and stories from her own running and triathlon experiences. Knowing you’re not alone and hearing where others started is powerful while you’re in the struggle between “is this really worth it?” and “I don’t really need to push myself this hard…”

Push yourself. Go after your dream, whatever it is. Have someone to cheerlead and encourage you. Rely on those with more experience and knowledge.



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  • Heidi Chiavaroli

    You can do it, Nicole! Proud of you!

  • Well done, my friend. Running buddies are indeed invaluable. Are you running the Shamrock Run this March? There is a 5K option.

  • Won’t be ready for March – but I’m hoping to do one at the end of April. 🙂