Story Behind the Story: April Gardner

It’s believed my great, great+ grandfather might have been Chief Red Eagle/William Weatherford of the Creek Indians. The legend I’d always heard was that he jumped off a cliff to save his people. Lying in bed early one morning, I wished I could read the story in a novel. (I luuurve historical fiction.) The next logical thought was that I should be the one to write it. Outside of high school, I’d never written before, but figured I’d give it a go.

During research, I came across Pickett’s History of Alabama, the most thrilling history book you’ll ever read. It was written in 1851 in story-book fashion. The author interviewed a great many of the historical figures he covers, so the detail is vivid and fresh. One of the stories he writes about is that of the McGirths and their “romantic escape” from the massacre at Fort Mims. It was so real and so awe-inspiring that there was no way I couldn’t write it. Nine years later, I hold the book in my hands.

If you’re at all interested in history (or if you’ve read Wounded Spirits and want to delve further), you can read Pickett’s entire book on-line here.

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