Story Behind the Story: Caprice Hokstad


I don’t usually take events from real life and make them into a plot. (If you knew my plots, you’d know this was a good thing!) But I do try to push plots in a certain direction to make a point. Like “How can a slave girl with no physical strength or weapons be brave and accomplish amazing things?”

My main character, Kee, is that slavegirl. Her master’s infant son has been kidnapped to a hostile kingdom and all the brave knights got nowhere when they went looking. So she hatches a plan to go looking herself, hiding in plain sight, masquerading as a runaway slave who was caught and is being transported home in a cage.

She reasons that if she becomes dirt, then people will say things in front of her that they’d never say to the knights who go asking questions. But of course, this is extraordinarily dangerous, and thus comes the conflict.

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