Story Behind the Story: Cathy West


My debut novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is one of those ‘this is the book of my heart’ stories. I’m not exactly sure how I came up with the plot, but all of a sudden I had a desperate need to write about a female journalist who traveled to Vietnam to cover the war. Kind of funny, since I was just a toddler when that war took place. And I’m not so keen on violence. :0) But a story began to take shape in my mind, and I knew I had to write it.

Others weren’t so convinced. “Been done a million times.” “It’ll never fly in CBA.” I heard them all and then some. I actually had one agent tell me, after reading a brief synopsis, that I could pretty much pound the last nail into the coffin of my future writing career if I decided to proceed with this story.

I proceeded. And slowly, I began to receive confirmation that this was definitely the book I was meant to write. The moment I started researching Vietnam, I knew I was treading on holy ground. My characters, Kristin and Luke, led me on a journey I will not soon forget. And I can hardly wait until others get to share their story.

I’m happy to report that ‘this story’, not only landed me my fabulous agent, Rachelle Gardner, but also recently found a home at OakTara, and will be published in March!

Thank you for stopping by, Cathy! Click here to find Yesterday’s Tomorrow on Amazon!

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