Story Behind the Story: Christine Sunderland


I have had the wonderful chance to visit Hana, Maui and the islands of Hawaii and been impressed with their culture of family, faith, and history.

Since I’ve been troubled by our culture of anti-family, anti-faith, and denial of the past, I thought this would be a perfect setting. So I created a “material girl” from San Francisco and placed her in this rural village.

Hana-lani is a fast-paced love story asking some T.S. Eliot’s permanent questions, “what is goodness, truth, and love?” I enjoyed writing this novel, for I could combine some of my social concerns with the dramatic natural beaty of Hawaii, a world at once violent and peaceful, and not always what it seems.

Thank you, Christine, for stopping by! Visit her website here and learn more about her and her story!

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