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Finally, the talented Edwina Cowgill joins us! See her website and blog here!

Edwina Cowgill

From Edwina:

My husband, Dave, and I went on a “mini-vacation” over the Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Savannah, Georgia, which is about a four hour ride from where we live. Needless to say, the radio was on for the entire trip.

Dave loves the ole’ time radio programs – those mysteries that are “acted” out over the microphones. Programs such as Dragnet and Sam Spade. Personally, I don’t care for the programs that much. I’m more of a visual person – I want to either read the story and visualize it in my mind, or I want to see it on TV.

If I’m in the car, I want to listen to, and sing along with, praise and worship music. But Dave enjoys the programs, so I usually listen, or if we’re on a long trip, I’ll be reading.

Prior to this trip, I had been asking God for ideas for new books. I realized there are no new topics—just new ways to present them. I was asking God for new ways, new twists, to old plots.

So here we are, tootling down I-75 and I-16, Dave listening to the radio and me – listening with one ear and thinking about new stories. The program on the radio was Sam Spade and it finally dawned on me that a woman had been murdered and Sam Spade suspected her husband. That started the “what if” questions.

What if, instead of being murdered, she was on the run? What if she was on the run from an abusive boyfriend or husband? Where would she go? How would he find her? And on and on and on.

I began to bounce ideas off of Dave and we began to talk out the story. By the time we reached Savannah, I had the entire story outlined on paper. When we returned home, I went through a complete software method of mapping out my story. It took hours of work to finish this program. The funny thing is I’m a pantster – I write by the seat of my pants. I’ve yet to look at that outline or software and I’ve written approximately one-third of the book.

Oh yes, as you can tell from the title of this blog, one thing Dave and I didn’t brainstorm on – the title! But by the time the book is finished, I’m sure I’ll have the perfect title!


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