Story Behind the Story: Lynn Squire


How did you come up with the plot and characters for your novel?
I was studying the book of Job and developed the plot from it. Since I wanted it to be set in Alberta, I pictured a North West Mounted Police Officer, Sergeant Dixon, and a farmer, Joab Black. Over the course of time, Dixon informed me who he was. Not at all whom I sketched out originally. I didn’t think he’d be so prominent in the book. Then Joab slipped to the background more. His story being Job’s story, he felt that the readers might feel depressed if he played center stage.

What inspired you the most about this story that you had to write it down?
The need to keep your focus on eternity and not on the hardships of today. Dixon kept telling me how miserable he was and revealed to me how important it was to humble ourselves before God. As I got to know him, I found he asked big questions that demanded I didn’t give a simple response. I think I wrote to him, or people like him, who wouldn’t settle for a pat answer.


Joab’s Fire released in June – check it out and more about Lynn on her website!

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