Story Behind the Story: Victoria Burks

One night I dreamed the basic plot to this book. It was as though I was watching a live performance of a play, the main characters’ images clear in the dream. Not one to dream often, I asked God when I awoke the next morning, “Why did I dream a dream like that?” In my spirit I heard the words, “Write the book.”

Stunned, I immediately questioned God with the following words: “Write the book? Excuse me, God, but I believe you have the wrong address. You surely meant to go to Victoria Holt’s residence, not the home of Victoria Burks.” However, as the days passed, I couldn’t quiet God’s command in my heart.

Therefore, I sent my daughter to Wal-mart to purchase writing pads and mechanical pencils. In the following weeks lying flat of my back, pen and paper held above my head, I recorded the plot I had seen in my dream. As I wrote, more details of the story came as well. Amazingly, as soon as the story was complete, I had a miracle of healing in my back ten weeks later.

Feeling very inadequate about writing a novel, God led me every step of the way putting people in my pathway that taught me about writing and encouraged me every step of the way. At a writing conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Francine Rivers read the first three chapters of my novel and further encouraged me to continue on my journey. And now, my dream is a reality. Also, my next novel, Bittersweet Justice will be released this fall.

Thank you, Victoria! Visit her website and learn more!

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  • Heidi

    Amazing story, Victoria. Enjoying this series, Nicole. 🙂

  • Thanks, Heidi. It’s amazing to me also that God has brought me down this particular path.