thankful thursday: of injured ponies and growing gardens

In my break from blogging, I grew slack in writing down the daily gifts around me—and it affected my overall attitude a lot. I’ve resumed journaling my daily gifts, and thus I’ll resume these thankful thursday posts. 🙂

(oh but I’m completely giving up on the numbering system—I can’t even recall where I left off!)


gift #1,103,234… and beyond…

– my cousin’s injured horse making a solid recovery {only horse owners can truly appreciate how harrowing a seemingly “simple” injury can be. simple injuries can easily become complex and destroy a strong horse and rider team.}

– finding solace in gardening {and actually growing things successfully!}

– finishing major projects at work and moving onto new major projects

– a thriving side-business that allows me to do what I love and somehow get paid for it

– a beautiful summer in the Pacific Northwest – it’s strange not being able to remember the last time it rained…


What five things are you thankful for today? Share them in the comments, if you’re brave enough. 😉

Much love,

the former rodeo queen


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