thankful thursday: week twelve

I’ve been terrible about writing down the gifts I see from day to day — the buzz of life has a way of working those important little things out if you let them.

Which is why, though I’ve toyed with the idea of shutting this blog down for two weeks now, I’m grateful that I have these Thankful Thursday posts to force me to stop and examine my blessings.

60. the self-discipline to blog

61. the discovery of an awesome new brand of pen (yes, I’m a geek)

62. an amazing friend who offers to give me a ride when we’re having vehicle hiccups

63. an energizing and refreshing experience at the OCW One Day Conference – the passion renewed to write

64. the joy of posting fun things for work… this:

hanging  cat
Hang in there! (my message to students at the university I work for) I loved being able to put something up that hopefully made people smile during finals week.


65. co-workers catching amazing photos like this:

rainbow portland oregon
This blew my mind. I wish I’d been the one to take the photo, but I wasn’t. :-)


I hope you’re still exercising the discipline of counting your blessings. There are so many in front of you! Share in the comments if you want to!


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