thankful thursdays: week three

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Today’s Thankful Thursday list is different — as I was writing about how “it can wait until tomorrow” is a lie I had been thinking of the times I put off visiting my family, because of the inconvenience of traffic or the chaos of life in general. Specifically, I thought of my great-grandmother, Peggy, who just celebrated her 90th birthday.

The same day of that post, I learned that Great Grandma had been called to heaven. I envy the angels who get to enjoy her smile and infectious laughter.

21. I’m eternally thankful for my grandmother and the time I had with her.

22. I’m thankful that she was there for so many important milestones in my life.

23. I’m thankful for the family loyally surrounding her these past few years.

24. I’m thankful I live close enough to all my family and I can visit them whenever I feel like it.

25. I’m thankful for how precious life is.

Darling blog readers and friends: don’t put off the important things for tomorrow. The only items on your to-do list that matters are people—family and friends.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.  

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  • My prayers are with you, sweet friend.

  • Staci

    So sorry Nikki! Sending loving thoughts to you and your family!

  • Ern Doggie Dawg

    I’m sorry for your loss Nikki… Just remember the good times you had with your Great Grandma. I love you and I’ll always be there for you if you need someone to talk to. You are in my prayers. I love you sister. I’m thankful for you always being there for me and being the loving, caring person you are. I love you. 🙂