The Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

Ok, it’s not like I’m against Valentine’s Day. People get all happy and the pink and red come out in force. It is hard not to catch a little of the giddiness.

But I’ve always believed there should be so much more to it. Not just one day, but every day should have the same joy and love.

My husband and I have a weekly “date night” where it is just the two of us and sometimes we just have dinner and a rented movie at home. I’m not saying everyone should/can do that each week – but why do we save it all for one day in February and shell out hundreds for flowers, chocolates and nights on the town?

Call me a scrooge, but today, all that Feb. 14 means is that the month is half over – and I have a lot to do! So no one can call me a slacker, I’ve got a nice dinner planned and all that jazz…

What about you? Do you have big plans every year for Valentine’s Day?

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