The Art of War for Writers

James Scott Bell’s “Plot & Structure” is regarded as one of the ultimate writer’s reference books in the industry. And rightly so. Bell has an incredible way with words and with teaching.

When I signed up for Bell’s coaching class at the 2010 Summer OCW Conference, I immediately went out and read “Plot & Structure” so I was well versed before the class. But the class came and I learned infinitely more than I could have imagined. So I purchased “The Art of War for Writers,” which is based on Sun Tzu’s 6th century manuscript and adapted for the literary profession.

I found “The Art of War for Writers” to be one of the best books for a writer’s library. Bell has packed a ton of information and advice into a field guide for writers. It truly is a must read for the aspiring or even published writer.

From the mental preparations before writing to the ways of the agented and published writers, Bell is both honest and encouraging about the industry and the process.

As Bell ends with, I’ll just finish with, “Onward. Keep fighting. Keep writing.”

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