The Horse-Human Connection

What is it about horses that draws people in? More specifically – what is it about horses that appeals to most every little girl?

For those few fortunately little girls that convince their daddies to buy them a pony, it can change the course of their life and their dreams. (But, daddies, don’t be fooled: it won’t keep your little girl from dating boys. In some cases, that plan can backfire.)

ReadWriteWeb (a tech blog) wrote about “Horses on the Internet” and measured the level of interest vs. internet sensations (specifically a twitter handle called “Horse_ebooks” that has somehow captivated people). It also compares internet “coverage” of dogs and cats vs. horses. It says, “…the human-horse relationship is unique. It encourages empathic understand in a way that relationships with dogs and cats do not.”

Horses are a unique blend of pet and work animals. Though the latter role is less prominent (especially depending on the part of country in which you reside), it still exists.

In my life, horses are a hobby and a form of escape and therapy. Organizations such as the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center in Bellingham, Wash., meet the need of horses healing minds and bodies.

When you own horses (and live and interact with those who live inside city limits) you inevitably get the “You own a horse? That’s so cool!” followed by the inquiries if they can go meet or see your horse. Nothing tickles me more than exposing people to the wonders of horses and observing the fascination and unease around such magnificent animals.

Case in point: my little sister-in-law (whom I love and adore!) She’d never really seen or interacted with horses until I came along. So I was thrilled to take her out to meet my horse and show here the ropes. (Pun intended.)

I’ve seen her delight and joy each time we visit my horse. She loves visiting with our dogs and other animals, but there is something different and deeper with the horse.

That horse-human connection that we can’t quite define.

Why do you think horses and humans are inexplicably linked? 



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  • Nicold,

    You’re right – there is a human-horse connection. I just don’t know what causes it. I actually wrote a short story about this very topic – the relationship between a teenage girl and a thoroughbred horse at the stables where she worked.

    I’ve always wanted to learn to ride – it’s on my “bucket list.”