The journey of revision

I was planning on writing a blog about another Arabian horse legend, but I thought I would let you all know where I am with my novel, In Dawn’s Shadows.

This week, I am currently suffering the worst case of writers block. I hate it.

Thanks to my fabulous critique partners (you know you are!) the novel has undergone many changes and improvements. Most writers will tell you no story is ever finished; there could always be one more edit, revision or tweak. Well, with In Dawn’s Shadows, it desperately needed the closer look and adjustment.

Because I started this story as a freshman in high school, the manuscript has gone through two complete rewrites, three or four liposuctions and another half dozen surgeries. The main idea is still there, but plot has changed, characters grown and research deepened.

Now, I am so close to “completion,” I can smell it. Smells better than fresh-baked cookies. On another note, the manuscript is under review by an agent I met at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference and also submitted to a publisher. I say a prayer every day for an answer and know that whether it is a yes or no, God has a plan for this particular set of 73,000 words.

But back to this writer’s block. I thank God for deadlines and keeping accountable to my critique group, because the inspiration for these two chapter revisions is simply not there. Any other time, I would have set it aside and waited for the muse to strike. Now, I need a chapter to submit so I’d better get cracken!

So I have toiled at the computer, picked at my nails, checked my email three dozen times, surfed Facebook for a bit (curse you, Facebook.) I finally switched off the wireless internet—thank God for that switch. Now I’m writing this. Hmm…not necessarily progress on the manuscript…but at least I’m writing.

Leave a comment and share how you overcome writer’s block! (And if reading blogs is one of the things keeping you from your writing—get back to work!)

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