the joy of layout and design…

A few weeks ago, I helped map out the story selection and layout for my college’s alumni newsletter. It brought me back to the days of newsroom banter and magazine mayhem.

Those late nights of caffeine highs and echoing laughter are a close, fond memory. We’d spend hours on a single headline alone. Arguments over whether “brouhaha” was appropriate for a news story, front page. (The verdict was no.) Speaking in news-ese: “inches,” “art,” “spreads,” “cutlines…” It was a world of chaos and perfect synchronization. Well, on good days.

There’s something unique about determining the perfect place for every story, photo and caption. Correcting every widow, checking every spelling. Working with reporters, photographers, copy editors. What a time.

The deadline pressure always kept us on our toes and at times the newsroom was truly abuzz, just like the cliche scenes in the movies. It was exciting. You never knew what adventure lie ahead or what story would break an hour before press time.

After my time with the newspaper and magazine, I ached for that excitement. While my career led me in a different direction, I treasure each newsletter I edit, design and send to the world. Though nothing will replace the commotion of the newsroom, I will never forget that rush and that joy.

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