The power of black ink and a red pen

Update #348 on my quest for publication: I’m still working hard at it!

I love family get-togethers, but I hate two questions I always get. #1 – When are you going to have children!? (I’ve only been married for three years. Give me a little more time.) #2 – Do you have that book published yet?

For #2 – if I had my book published, trust me, the world would know. Every family member will definitely know. 🙂 Rest assured.

But here is the latest:

Editing Red Pen Nicole M Miller

I’m smack-dab in the middle of editing my book. I’ve gone through the printed manuscript (360 whopping pages, double-spaced) with my beloved red pen and am now applying all those scribbles to the digital document.

I cannot understate the importance for  printing out the document, holding it in your hands and reading it on a page (coming from a devout lover of my Kindle.) This is a lengthy step of the process, but essential.

Once I finish editing, I’ll complete a proposal and send it all in to my agent. This summer, I’ll network with more editors and try to sell the project as well as my other completed manuscript, Lillie Among Thorns.

It’s a long process. I’m still paying my dues, so I don’t expect  anything right away. But that said, I’m going to keep writing, editing and blogging away!

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  • Sondra

    Way to stick with it! I get those same exact questions, but usually it’s from people I am forced to small-talk with at events such as weddings or get-togethers where I don’t really know anybody.

    And I dread the “What do you do?” question because between my music stuff and my writing, it’s just too complicated for the people who aren’t on the creative track to fully understand…so then I spend way too much time trying to explain it.

  • I’ve gotten accustomed to those sorts of questions.

    Where do you work? At home.

    Don’t you have a job? Yes. I paint horses for fun and profit and I write books.

    Oh? Are you published? I maintain two blogs and write for an online art magazine.

    Is that considered ‘published’? Yes, indeed!

    Well, good for you, but I meant a real book. In that case, no I’m not published, yet, but I’m working through the research phase of the current story.

    Sometimes, the questions get old and there are still times when people – even close friends and family members – think that because I’m home all the time, I’m available all the time. I don’t suppose that will ever end.

    As for questions about children…. My husband and I have been married ten years this month, are both 50 or over, and have no children. The only people who ask about kids are strangers and that’s not so bad!

  • I love that you paint horses, Carrie! I love to photograph them and ride em. 😉

    And I love your answers. The confidence is really key. Or I just roll my eyes and pretend to speak in Spanish.

  • Keep at it, Sondra – I’m anxious for your first novel, too! 😉

  • What a great post! My family has known my desire to publish for many years, but I’ve been so busy raising my family, no one asks about the book. 🙂 I have four kiddos, the youngest are a set of twin boys who just turned two last week. If anything, people are shocked when I tell them I have picked up my manuscript again. After putting it down for two years I had to start working on it, just to keep my creativity flowing. I’m sure the publication questions will be coming my way soon.

  • You’re an encouragement to me, for sure, Nicole. This process is not for the weak of heart, is it? But think what women of character we will be one of these days, for having kept at it! Keep writing and riding (along with me) cuz we need ’em both!

  • That is great, Gabrielle that you’ve been so diligent over the years! One day, they’ll all say, “I knew here back when…”

  • Aw, thanks, Dawn! We do need our escapes – writing and riding! 😉

  • Edwina

    Great post, as always