The “to-read” pile

My “to-read” pile seems to double every week. My “to-read” list grows exponentially. (And that’s if I don’t surf around Amazon for more than five minutes.)

What to do?

Reading is so essential to the writer, for inspiration and renewal. But, I also need to get some actual writing time in. When I get hooked on those really great stories, I don’t seem to get much of anything else done around the home as I race through every page. Then, I get some books where they lag but I still try to plug through.

How do you balance life with your stack of books to read?

Do you trade in a few hours of sleep?

For those books that don’t hook right away, do you keep on reading or set it aside?

Do you try new authors or stick to your favorites?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and I’ll post a following blog about the discussion!

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  • I know what you mean about the book pile increasing! There are SO many I want to read and yet where to find the time?! If it’s a really good book, I do sacrifice a few hours of sleep. Since I’m a (soon-to-be new author myself, I try to support other new authors, besides you never know when you’re going to come across a new favorite!
    I have a question for you…Are you a skimmer? I’ve always vowed never to skim, to read every word (except for the occasional dull paragraph), but lately, it’s almost necessary in those hard to get through books. I guess I’d rather skim than not finish it. What’s your thought on that?
    Love the WWII theme in your books! I’m a huge historical fiction fan myself.

  • Greetings, April! I agree about trying out new authors – it is important to support them!

    I’m definitely a skimmer in books that aren’t good enough to hold my complete attention. I will skim a lot of parts until it becomes relevant – though it may be a sin and a bad habit, it works for me!

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Sandy

    Hi, Nicole!

    I never skim your stories!

    I just gave my father-in-law back his series by Joel Rosenberg–The Last Jihad, The Copper Scroll, etc. Although the story was something I would normally enjoy, he had so many different POV’s that I couldn’t keep up (and he headhopped). It takes a great book for me to miss my ten o’clock bedtime, but it’s been known to happen. And I do like to read new authors. How else are you going to discover your next favorite writer?