Thoughts on my first Audio Fiction Experience

So, I’ve listened to one or two non-fiction books on CD and it is quite like listening to professors lecturing in college. It is fine. I quite enjoyed some of it.

But fiction was a whole new experience for me.

Thanks to several business trips and events for work, I was looking at about 24 hours that I’d be spending in the car over the course of a week. I enjoy my time alone with a good CD and rocking out to various artists, but I wanted to accomplish something more in that time. So I dove into an audio book!

Sara Gruen’s Ape House was on my to-read list and I found the audio book on CD at the library, so I snatched it.

I wasn’t exactly expecting it to be such a nice experience. There were a few quirks with the reader that had me laughing out loud in places I don’t think I was supposed to laugh. *But the guy’s imitations of female voices was a little over the top.

Perhaps it was because the book was incredibly written and full of tension and strong characters, but I highly recommend listening to a book on CD. After devouring thousands of books in print and on the computer, it was rather eye-openeing for me to take in this new persepective. After listening to the ten-hour book, I found myself writing my own story a bit differently.

Every English teacher tells their class, “Read your papers aloud so you know if it flows…” and so on. But this drove that point home for me.

What about you? Have you listened to books on CD before and are rolling your eyes at me – so late to the game? (I’m fine with that!) Or have you also lingered on that bandwagon a bit? Does it even appeal to you – “reading” books by listening to them?

NOTE – “Ape House” is a unique tale that I’ll definitely be purchasing the hard copy and re-reading, the old fashioned way. Gruen is easily one of my favorite authors of all time. See my review of her “Water for Elephants.”

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