What a week

There’s a reason for the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”

The past two weeks, it has poured. My life has been a blur of friends, family, work, writing and beyond. It’s been hectic, emotional and trying time, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. I have had some of the most meaningful conversation and also the most mindless tasks. What a week.

I work as an events coordinator during the day and my most recent event has been an exercise of persistence and resilience. I’ve been criticized, blamed, accosted and usually it was because people didn’t read prior instructions. I’ve reached the point where my skin is so thick, I don’t take any of it personally.

I must admit this is a great life lesson for me at this time, as I enter into the world of writing and publishing. It’s truly impossible to make everyone happy, so criticism is something we must all learn to live with. These comments, complaints and critiques must all be taken for what they are, considered and sometimes just left at the door. You cannot let it eat you away.

Hopefully, this next week will be a little more subdued, at risk of my hair going prematurely grey. But like I said, I take a lesson away from each stage in my life, and this one certainly taught me a great deal.

Have you ever had weeks like this? What did you do to de-stress and move on?

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