What do you want to see?

Happy Friday!

I’ve finished my in-depth edits of my latest manuscript and am now turning onto the other “fun” stuff like the synopsis, etc.

I’m also looking at some website redesign/overhauling and re-branding.

My question for you readers is — What do you want to see on my blog and on my website?

More research notes? Less? More about my writing? More book reviews?

Leave a comment with your suggestions please! Thank you for reading my blog – I really appreciate you!

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  • Friend

    I think you operate a nice “personal” writer’s blog from what I have read, good work. However, if your goal is to reach more readers and followers, you are going to need something more than what you have.

    As a writer of a specific genre, I would imagine you have followers amongst your peer group within this genre, but surely that is a limited niche. Perhaps expanding your blogging to a more general “writers blog” with more outside material referenced or even different media intertwined within your posts (I.e. videos, music, streaming media, etc). If you’re looking for more readers, make sure you’re linked on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and so forth to maximize your demographic. Also in that same line of thought, perhaps include material that non-writers and new readers can jump right into. Not to say “dumb it down” just widen the spectrum of content.

    As for visual suggestions, the font color of your header is very close to that of the graphics it is surrounded by, consider more contrast or reducing it’s size so as not to overlap the graphics. Also consider stacking the right hand “Latest News”, “Recent Posts”, and “Archive” elements to the far right. As they are currently, half of your blog page is essentially tools, no matter where you navigate. You want your blog content to pop and be the main focus, not blurred by the variety of tool features.

    Just some thought, hope you do not take any of it personally as negatives. Good blog, keep up the work.

  • All great suggestions! I’m a bit limited with my HTML expertise and have been searching for a better template overall – that will be the main point of my overhaul.

    As for the general writer’s appeal, I see your point but definitely want my blog to have a clear focus.

    Lots to think about and work on! Thank you for your comment!

  • Heidi

    Wow, Nicole! Love the new look! I’m fond of your book reviews and I always enjoy reading about your writing and what’s going on “behind the scenes.” Good luck and God bless!