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If you’re reading this at some point on Friday, June the 10th…I’m in the midst of the most hectic event of the year: Graduation.

As an event coordinator, I plan more than 40 events a year for our students and alumni. Each event has its ups and downs, its challenges and stresses. For graduation, I put a bit more stress on myself than necessary.

This is a huge turning point in the career of our students and from my view – it must be perfect! So every little hitch only hits me harder. This is my fourth year doing this event and each year, a different kink shows up. With 90 students and making sure each script is aligned with the right order…etc…the attention to detail is important.

How does this at all relate to my writing? Not sure. When I graduated college with a journalism degree, I never really pictured myself back in a college environment. But that’s where the cards fell.

But then, attention to detail, organizing several projects at once, communicating effectively – these are the hallmarks of any journalist or writer. So are they for an event coordinator.

Congratulations to all those graduating – high school, college or charm school – this year. These weeks of June always have a lighter than air feel – people moving onward into a new chapter of their lives. Let’s all make the best of it as we dive into summer!

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