Who You Want to Be and How Horses Can Get You There

In Buck Brannaman’s book, “Believe,” he discusses 8 traits that make a person a better horseman and also a more likable, successful and genuine human being. All horses have these traits and humans should strive for these.

  1. Intuition into emotional states of those around them. Follow your inner voice and gut feelings.
  2. Sensitivity (emotionally) is a trait of all intelligent beings. Anticipate and respond to movements and actions – of animals and humans.
  3. Ability to change shows intelligence and adaptability to surroundings and situations.
  4. Presence, or the humility and peace with self, oozes off horses and confident people. It is something difficult to define but easy to spot.
  5. Non-aggressive attitude. Buck says it best, “Don’t be a jerk.”
  6. Determination, or sticking to something and staying on course.
  7. Humility is the ability to listen and truly hear. “Observe, remember and compare.”
  8. Love. This needs no further explanation. (And see my posts on what Love Does.)

I adore this list and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while these traits are usually innate (or not), working with horses amplifies these traits among your personal relationships.

Enough time around horses can also instill these into those who might not have them.

I’m not saying that every horse person exudes these after putting in 40 hours around these 4-legged creatures. Trust me, I know many, many horse owners who are the opposite of these traits. But there is something magical about horses and after enough time, that magic transforms.

“Working with horses always seems to bring personal issues forward.” – Buck Brannaman

Where there is fear deep inside you, being around horses can bring that to the surface. Where there is insecurity, well, you get the idea. Where there is confidence and kindness, magic happens. Don’t believe me? Visit a barn, ask to hang around a bit. Take a riding lesson or two.

Open your mind and open your heart to the presence of a horse.

Would you agree with Buck’s list of traits that horses have and people should strive for? What would you add?

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