Why I failed to go completely “digital”

A while back, I made some big claims, started a new revolution of sorts. I was going PAPERLESS!

Using some fantastic efficiency apps and new toys, I was on my way. Going completely digital and ultra hip. It’s what the cool kids do, these days.

Well, I failed.

Nicole Miller author

This is why:

I LOVE paper. I love my pen. I love the feel of crossing something off a list. I love the smooth swipe of a cursive letter. I love my day planner with the monthly calendar view and the weekly…

I made the transition to the Kindle with relative ease (though I still read many paperback books), so I thought I was “ready ” for this. Using Evernote and my iPad calendar, I could keep everything straight and synced between my home laptop, my work laptop and my on-the-go, handy-dandy iPad.

Nope. Still didnt work. All the high-tech tools of the world couldn’t break me. I ended up not checking my iPad calendar enough and double-booking myself and forgetting to input appointments. It was a mess.

Now, I’m back on the straight and narrow. I still use Evernote a ton! And I still use the meeting notes and requests through Outlook and my iPad. I just had to go back to the notebook to-do list and the day planner.

Have you ever tried a new organization system? Did you have success? Failure? Did you gain a wide, encompassing knowledge into yourself? (Oh, that might just be me…)

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  • My son’s teacher encouraged us to sign up for e-mails instead of hard copy notices. I did, but am already regretting it. There’s something about actual paper in your hand that gives it importance. I pay more attention to a written notice than an e-mail. I think I’m too quick to hit that delete button in an attempt to unclog the inbox! Thanks for the post, Nicole!

  • Yes, that’s one thing I noticed about the digital is that certain things can slip by you a lot easier. It takes a lot more energy and attention to manage things digitally. Besides, changing habits is hard, no matter what. 🙂

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