Why I lied (and why I have no intention of apologizing)

Nicole M Miller cowboy bootsLast October, I wrote a post about my old rodeo queen boots and how I would finally retire them. They had seen a lot of use and abuse over the span of nearly a decade. It was time to put them to rest.

But I lied.

Shortly after writing that post, I went boot shopping. I hit up horse expos and tack stores across the area.

Nothing met my expectations. Nothing.

I tried to move on from these boots. I did. But it wasn’t meant to be — so I’m not going to apologize for lying to you all.

See, these haggard looking white-ish boots are finally broken-in. They are beyond comfortable — the leather is soft and supple. The seams are still stout, the soles still thick.

I fully admit I’m stuck in a host of memories and an “older” fashion that I can’t abandon. I’m not a fan of square-toed boots on my feet and I love the reaction I get out of people seeing me in white-ish boots. Who in their right mind wears white-ish boots in the Pacific Northwest.

To my dear Fair Court advisor who purchased these back in November of 2003, I know that I need to move on. But who would have guessed these $50 Durangos would still be kicking today?

Perhaps I’ll one day buy another pair of Durangos. One day, I know these old white-ish ones will suffer a fatal wound and I’ll banish them for real. One day. Not today.

Here’s to boots that never die.

What piece of clothing or accessory do you hold onto and refuse to update? 


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    Love your honesty Nikki. Truth be told, Jessica still wears her boots too.

  • Yay! I’d say those boots are somewhat magical – and I don’t think they will ever really go away. 😉