Will Clean Stalls for A Little Horse Time

Yes. I’m that desperate.

I went through a similar cycle when I went (horseless) to college. The first year or so, it was nice. No responsibility. No stalls to clean. But then it became torturous and I sought any horsey outlet I could. I wrote stories on the local therapeutic riding center so that I could go there and be around the barn. Smell the hay, dirt and horse. Feel the calming presence of the horses. See the peace of people as they work with the animals.

I’m hopelessly addicted.

That’s why I’ll scoop poop just to get a little horse time.

I’ve been married now for 4 years and living close enough to my horse to see him as often as once a week, but far away enough that I sometimes go weeks without seeing him.

It’s just not right.

But I’ve had to adapt. So here are a few ways I get my horse fix during the week:

– Pinning and re-pinning horse photos on Pinterest

– Reading horse books (like Believe by Buck Brannaman)

– Scouring the internet for research materials and rare/out-of-date books and magazines

– Stalking my horse friends’ adventures through photos on Facebook (Admit it, we all do this anyway. My interests are usually targeted to the horses rather than the riders…)

– Following horse blogs. Oh, and writing blogs about horses.

In short, these are helpful in easing symptoms of horse withdrawal. But nothing but the real thing cuts it.

That’s why, I stand on my street corner with my cardboard sign.

Anyone need their stalls cleaned? Anyone? 

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