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The past three weeks for me have been…chaotic…to say the least. You might not have noticed if you just read my blog, because of the beauty of pre-scheduled posts (thank you, WordPress). However, I’ve been running all over Washington and Oregon for a writer’s conference and a county fair…then back to work to catch up on all I missed!

Here are some photos from the OCW Conference. I’ll blog later about my Coaching Class with the infamous James Scott Bell. He’s simply brilliant.

James Scott Bell, author

I am most excited about the amount of interest I received for my newest novel, especially after my first manuscript took a solid beating last year.

(Note to the writers out there – if something isnt selling, move on and come back to it later! You learn and grow so much in writing that second or third manuscript!)

So now I’m sending proposals and praying for speedy answers!

In other news, my day job is transforming in the wake of several position changes and so the future is a bit uncertain, but I’m confident God knows what He’s doing.

Now that life will hopefully settle back to “normal,” we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming… By that I mean back to the blog series, “The Story Behind the Story.” Next week, look for the talented Sarah Sundin’s guest blog about how she came up with the characters behind her latest novel. Also look for my dear friend, Jessica Johnson and the beginnings of her fantasy story!

My last note for the day: Book three in the Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, releases next TUESDAY! And yes, I’ll be in line at the midnight release party! But that’s another blog entirely!

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