You have to jump

“You need to jump off cliffs all the time, and build wings on the way down.” Anne Dillard

This past weekend, I attended the Oregon Christian Writer’s One-Day Conference in Eugene, where best-selling author, James L. Rubart was the keynote speaker. He spoke a powerful message about going for your dreams by your ACTION. We must stop with the excuses and actually use the talents God has given us.

Rubart’s best-selling first book, Rooms, was written in 20-minute increments a day. Who can’t make time to write 20 minutes a day? No more excuses. Write that novel.

We all have fears holding us back, but it is jumping off the cliff into the unknown that sets us free and moves our own story forward.

For me? I’m jumping off my cliff of the familiar, the comfortable. I’m pursing new paths that I hope lead me to fresh challenges and rewards.

What is your “cliff” that you must overcome?

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